" The one thing that can change a person is meeting another." —壱原侑子

Right now, I will simply be using this page to plan out a future game I plan to run for us all.

The basis behind this game will be somewhat similar in idea to the video game Kingdom Hearts. For those unfamiliar with the concept, a short explanation: Kingdom Hearts employs a world in which all worlds of all places are connected in some manner, and characters from one verse may interact with characters from another.

I am currently in process of reading Piers Anthony’s Mode series, as we will be incorporating themes and ideas from this series as well. The basis of this series is the ability of certain individuals to become “bridges,” allowing themselves the movement from one world into others.

All I am going to want for the time being is for you all to be thinking about which character from which world you would like to be playing. It can really be from anything, whether it be Batman, Jack Skellington ( Nightmare Before Christmas ), Kenpachi Zaraki ( Bleach ) or Jack Sparrow ( Pirates of the Caribbean ).

I’d like as much time as possible to plan a game like this, as well as time to research any possible worlds from people’s chosen characters. Therefore, please think about it sooner rather than later & let me know possible choices.

Upon further reflection and discussion, the question has arisen as to what sort of power level this game will require when selecting a character. The answer becomes that it may be best to select a character that has a higher power level (i.e. cartoon, anime or fantasy), as I intend to run this game in a style similar to that of an anime.

  • Jmeyer4862 is currently considering Ben Tennyson (Ben 10) among many others… Only time will tell what he decides.
  • Eddied31k has made a possible selection of Starkiller [a.k.a. Galen Marek] (Star Wars: Force Unleashed) but as of yet, remains undecided
  • Lady Wildrose has yet to make a selection

Heavenly Bonds

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